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Active philanthropists, the husband and wife entertain often, so they needed spaces suitable for large gatherings. At the same time, they wanted to establish a graceful place for daily family life.
The property offered plenty of space and high ceilings, as well as panoramic views provided by glass curtain walls and two 100-foot-long terraces. For the husband it was love at first sight; for the wife it took a few more visits.
According to the clients, we didn’t want anything on the ceiling or walls that would create reflections on the windows and stop you from seeing the surroundings. We elected to play with a predominantly neutral color palette and low-slung furniture, much of it custom made. This approach is especially striking in the living room and adjacent dining area, where black seating and leather armchairs surround the massive huge table in custom hardwood . The balancing act between serene and sensational is evident throughout the apartment: from the airy master bedroom you can have a stunning view of the whole house.
Clean modern lines coexist with unique items like the rare african door in the background of the dining area and handmade italian sculptures.

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